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Credit, Rates and Foreign Exchange Markets

J.P. Morgan (S.E.A.) Limited's (JPMSEAL) institutional fixed income sales team offers a wide range of global fixed income products. J.P. Morgan's team provides research, execution and advisory services to investors from central banks, sovereign wealth funds, commercial banks, private banks, asset managers and hedge funds.

J.P. Morgan offers the following range of products and services:

  • Execution across our global government securities platform. This includes US Treasuries, European, Australian and Japanese government securities and all traded government inflation linked securities.
  • High grade securities such as U.S. Agency, sovereign and supranational debt securities. 
  • Global corporate securities, including investment grade and high yield debt.  J.P. Morgan is a market leader in origination, trading and distribution across all credit products, including credit default swaps and cash securities.  This spans the entire global credit spectrum, including U.S., European, Asia and emerging markets debt products.
  • A full range of global securitized products including U.S. mortgage-backed securities, global asset backed securities (ABS) such as residential mortgage-backed securities, credit card and auto-backed ABS.
  • Structured credit products offered include collateralised debt obligations (underlying collateral being U.S. and European leveraged loans, investment grade corporate exposures, emerging markets and asset backed underlyings), and structured credit funds. J.P. Morgan's team works with clients to customize investment solutions through the use of a comprehensive suite of products constructed for investment or portfolio hedging requirements.

Foreign Exchange
J.P. Morgan is one of the leading providers of foreign exchange liquidity in the Asian time zone. Institutional clients benefit from J.P. Morgan's strong global franchise and strategic local presence in South East Asia. External surveys have repeatedly acknowledged J.P. Morgan as one of the world's leading banks in the $2.3 trillion/day foreign exchange market.

J.P. Morgan is a major interbank player in the FX market in the Asian time zone. We are a leading liquidity provider of all major currency pairs in spot, forward and currency options. Our specialist emerging markets trading team is among the most capable risk managers in the region.  J.P. Morgan can provide spot, NDF and currency option pricing in its specialist local market currencies. Our FX structuring team has some of the most innovative and solution-driven derivatives professionals in the region. This combination of strong risk management and superior derivatives skills means J.P. Morgan has the expertise to structure appropriate hedging strategies for any situation.

In addition to its FX capabilities, having a local presence in every Asian country gives J.P. Morgan the ability to offer access to local bond and interest rate markets. Clients are able to trade products such as total return swaps and credit-linked notes, which can help achieve diversification in the region. J.P. Morgan is a top player in the fast growing interest rate swap and option markets in Asia.


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