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Trade Finance

Trade Finance Solutions for Corporates
Understanding the working capital conversion cycle as well as each client’s needs and requirements, allow us to create comprehensive end-to-end trade finance solution that meets our client’s objectives.

J.P. Morgan in India offers comprehensive trade finance solutions for corporate clients, including traditional trade products (Import Trade Services, Export Trade Services, Guarantees / Standby Letter of Credits, Trade Finance Loans); Supply Chain Financing products; Structured Trade Finance and Trade Risk Portfolio Management solutions.

Trade Finance Solutions for Financial Institutions
By leveraging our comprehensive suite of trade finance solutions under the FI Partnership Program as well as our global network, our FI clients will be able to expand their reach and product offering to their customers, without incurring huge infrastructure costs.

Choosing the right partnership, our FI clients may leverage our infrastructure and expertise; generate greater efficiency and revenue streams; and may also partner on complex, cross border structured trade for financing or risk mitigation.

Trade Finance

Traditional Trade Product
Import Trade Services

  • Import Documentary Letter of Credit Issuance / Amendment / Acceptance / Payment
  • Import Bills Collection

Export Trade Services

  • Export Documentary Letter of Credit Advising
    • Export Documentary Letter of Credit Amendment
    • Export Documentary Letter of Credit Transfer
    • Export Documentary Letter of Credit Confirmation
    • Export Documentary Collection

Trade Finance Loans

  • Import Bills Financing (under Letter of Credit)
  • Import Buyers Credit
  • Export Documentary Letter of Credit Negotiation / Discounting
  • Receivables & Payables Financing
  • Pre-export Finance

Guarantees or Standby Letter of Credits

  • Bank Guarantees (financial or performance)
  • Standby Letter of Credit (financial or performance)
  • Shipping Guarantee / Air cargo release order 

Supply Chain Product

  • INR Vendor Financing

Structured Trade Product
J.P. Morgan is a global leader in providing short, medium and long term financing solutions for individual or pooled trade transactions, able to leverage our market leading capital raising and risk mitigation capabilities.

Our Structured Trade solutions go beyond off-the-shelf classical trade finance products to bring a customized value to larger, more strategic transactions and broader segments of the value chain.

J.P. Morgan develops innovative solutions, using both the credit and capital markets, that enable customers to obtain cost effective financing, increase sales and mitigate risk in order to improve the bottom line returns.


  • Asian Export Credit Agencies
    • China – Sinosure
    • Korea – Ksure
  • US
    • US EXIM Guaranteed Program
  • UK
    • ECGD
  • Europe
    • Hermes
    • Coface

FI Trade Product

  • Standby Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee Counter – Issuance
  • SWIFT Trade Loan
  • Buyers Credit
  • Bank to Bank Reimbursement Financing
  • FI Partnership for HK Letter of Credit Re-issuance
  • FI Partnership for China beneficiaries

Trade Channel
A state-of-the art web based electronic platform that helps our clients manage their trade activities easily and more effectively. It is designed to help our clients improve efficiency, reduce expense, mitigate risk, optimize working capital, and manage their trade payables/receivables process — all on a real time basis.


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