Treasury Services

Cash Management

J.P. Morgan is a top-ranked, full service provider of innovative Cash Management services covering Account services, Liquidity solutions, Payables and Receivables solutions all of which are backed by award winning Information management systems.

Account Services

Demand Deposit Accounts are available in local and foreign currencies, including but not limited to the four major global currencies: U.S. dollar, euro, pound sterling and Japanese yen.

Two types of Indian rupee (INR) accounts available:

  • General Account for Payment and Collection transactions
  • Cash Credit Account used for working capital loans

Foreign Currency:

  • Onshore foreign currency accounts available to maintain the export proceeds onshore in any of the major foreign currencies.

Liquidity Solutions

J.P. Morgan delivers a range of liquidity management solutions in India to support the liquidity requirements of clients.

  • Time Deposit – Enhance yield yet maintain control over surplus funds by investing a fixed amount of cash for a defined period of time. Time deposits are agreements between your company and J.P. Morgan, allowing J.P. Morgan to hold the funds for a pre-defined time at an agreed rate. Due to Reserve Bank of India regulations, time deposits have tenors from 7 days and are available in INR only.
  • Unitized Time Deposit – The Unitized Time Deposit (UTD) program allows you to sweep excess balances into units of time deposits on a daily basis, thereby providing daily liquidity and maximizing yield opportunities. A UTD automatically invests daily surplus balances or covers daily overdrafts up to the instruction deadlines.
  • The minimum balance and unite size of the deposit can be customized to suit your needs. When there are excess funds above a pre-defined threshold in the transaction account, An auto-sweep will move funds into the time deposit. In case of a shortfall in your transaction account, a reverse sweep from the time deposit will take place to fund the transaction account.
  • Cash Concentration & Sweeping – Achieve greater efficiency by concentrating your funds across various accounts into a central designated account. Cash concentration enables you to:
    • Gain greater visibility and control of cash by centralizing into a single location
    • Increase operational efficiency by automating the management of cash balances
    •  Use excess balances to self fund – thus reducing borrowing costs and fees associated with overdrafts
    • Aggregate cash for investment or debt repayment
    • Reconcile disparate account balances and improve cash forecasting

Cash concentration for single and multiple legal entities are offered in India. J.P. Morgan will work with you to understand your challenges and objectives to develop liquidity management solutions that meet your business needs.

Payment Solutions

J.P. Morgan brings a breadth of experience and extensive memberships to clearing systems to help you meet your international and domestic payment needs. We support all clearing channels, from paper to electronic, in India, allowing you to  effect any local or cross-border transactions in US dollar, euro, GBP and any other major currencies through their accounts with J.P. Morgan in India.

A snapshot of our Payments offering:

  • Rupee Drafts payable at over 2,500 correspondent bank branch locations
  • Corporate Checks payable at over 775 Correspondent bank branch locations
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • National Electronic Clearing System (NECS)
  • Domestic statutory payments through our correspondent bank tie-ups
  • Payroll payments
  • International fund transfers and foreign currency drafts

With our integrated payments solutions, you can outsource your entire payments process, from generating payment instructions, execution, to reconciliation and advising activities.

Receivables Management Solutions

Our Receivables solutions are responsive to your needs. We collect and process receivables across all channels, and from different locations using our network which spans across the country.

A snapshot of our Receivables offering:

  • Local Cheque Collection - Cheques payable in local clearing are processed and credit will be afforded based on the terms of local clearing at over 1,000 locations.
  • Upcountry Cheque Collection - Upcountry cheques are collected through a vast network of correspondent banks. Our network covers more than 5,000 locations in India.
  • Virtual Reference solution for RTGS, NEFT and cross border receipts.
  • Physical cash and currency collections.
  • Receivables Edge℠, an unique invoice matching solution for collections.
  • Comprehensive MIS, that will help you reconcile your collections with ease.

Our Receivables management solutions enable collections to be handled automatically, thereby improving cash flow and preserving the integrity of collections management information.

Information Management

J.P. Morgan ACCESS℠ is a global cash management platform that transforms the way treasurers manage and monitor cash balances, daily transactions and information.

J.P. Morgan ACCESS℠ provides treasury and investment professionals worldwide with a secure, single point of access to a wide range of treasury services, financial transactions, account information products and decision-support tools to help them effectively manage their treasury environment via the Internet.

Available via our online portal, mobile and host-to-host channels, It is supported by J.P. Morgan's award winning multi-level security protocol designed to protect privacy, data integrity and maintain operational control:

  • J.P. Morgan ACCESS Mobile – The power of J.P. Morgan ACCESS is available in the palm of your hand – with a Mobile application that provides anytime, anywhere, secure cash management on smart phones and tablets. You can view business critical account information, tailored to your needs, for informed and quick decision making, from wherever you are – all supported with J.P. Morgan ACCESS' award-winning multi-level security protocol designed to protect privacy, preserve data integrity and maintain operational control.
  • J.P. Morgan ACCESS Host-to-Host – provides a suite of secure, flexible transmission, transaction initiation and reporting solutions. Our scalable connectivity and data transformation services are compatible with third-party treasury workstations and ERP systems. You benefit from highly secure and integrated processes to fulfill your global payments and consolidated reporting needs.
  • J.P. Morgan ACCESS Liquidity Solutions – brings together the capabilities you need to actively manage global liquidity, mitigate risk and improve coordination across your enterprise, with comprehensive information reporting to help you make more informed decisions.

Whether you use it to support day-to-day treasury management activities, or leverage its information to complement your treasury management system, the result is an easier, more efficient way to maximize global cash.

Charges Schedule

Service Description   Service Charges
Pay Order INR 150
NEFT Payments INR 5/15/25
RTGS Payments INR 25/50
International Telegraphic Transfers INR 1500
Foreign Currency Demand Draft INR 200 plus correspondent bank’s charges, if any
Cancel  / Stop Payment INR 100
Paper based collections Charges per 1000 / min charges per inst
Local cheque collection 0.15 (min. INR 20)
Outstation cheque collection (correspondent bank) 0.3 (min. INR 30)
Local Clearing Nil
Clean Collection - outside network cheques directly sent to drawee bank 5 (min. INR 40)
Foreign Currency Draft Deposit 0.25% (min INR 100)
Return Items (returns from clearing house or drawee bank) INR 200 per item
Electronic Receipts  
NEFT, RTGS, ECS Receipts Nil
Account Maintenance INR 1000 (Monthly)
In-country Sweep Nil

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