Investment Bank in Hong Kong

Credit, Rates and Foreign Exchange Markets

J.P. Morgan is the market leader in Asia's credit, rates and foreign exchange markets, providing issuers and investors in the region with first-class derivatives solutions. The Asia Emerging Markets team has built strong footprints in key countries in the region, including: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore. J.P. Morgan's robust trading strategies, innovative solutions and dedicated sales and marketing force have enabled the firm to grow its businesses, outperforming the competition in the region.

Client coverage

  • Financial institutions
  • Corporates
  • Hedge funds
  • Intermediaries
  • Retail investors
  • Private banks
  • Non-Asia clients

Product coverage

  • FX, FXO and Structured FX
  • Interest rates flow, exotics & hybrids derivatives
  • Alternative investments
  • Synthetic dynamic underlyings
  • Debt capital markets and high grade origination (bonds, loans, derivatives solutions)
  • High yield, emerging markets and corporate bonds
  • Credit Flow and Derivatives
  • Asset swaps/FRNs
  • Loans and distressed debt
  • Structured notes, securitised debt and credit hybrids

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