Oct 05, 2010

  • Collection of investment insights available to advisors and investors online anytime

New York, NY, October 5, 2010 – J.P. Morgan Funds, the mutual fund arm of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, has launched a new digital capability called J.P. Morgan On Demand, which houses a comprehensive collection of topical investment insights that can be accessed by any visitor to the www.jpmorganfunds.com site. 

J.P. Morgan On Demand, located in the Sales Center of www.jpmorganfunds.com, provides an online one-stop-shop for all of J.P. Morgan’s rich media assets.  In J.P. Morgan On Demand, financial advisors and individual investors can find a range of video and audio insights and commentary from market strategists and investment specialists. 

“One of our top priorities as a business is to promote among our clients a higher level of awareness of  all the capabilities and insights J.P. Morgan Funds has to offer,” said Richard Chambers, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for J.P. Morgan Asset Management.  “Doing this successfully requires reaching our clients where they are and on their terms—and today, that often means digitally.”

J.P. Morgan On Demand currently offers content such as:   

  • J.P. Morgan Chief Market Strategist Dr. David Kelly explains why deflation is more likely than inflation. 
  • J.P. Morgan Global Multi-Asset Group portfolio manager Anne Lester discusses the impact of volatility on target date fund selection. 
  • J.P. Morgan Global Macro Group portfolio manager Mark Nodelman discusses ways in which investors may capture commodity investment opportunities.

The key features of J.P. Morgan On Demand include:

  • Content clearly organized into categories by subject, theme or related product
  • A “share” feature that allows you to share video and audio with colleagues and clients
  • An improved viewing or listening experience—easy-to-use video and audio player controls, faster to view or listen
  • Audience-based access, with public content available to everyone and additional, advisor-only content, for registered advisors who have logged in.

About J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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