GERMANY: Asset Management celebrates 25 years in Germany

Jan 29, 2014

J.P. Morgan issued its first institutional specialty fund in Germany in February 1989. A quarter-century later Asset Management has blossomed into one of the largest foreign investment companies in the country, with assets topping $20 billion.

On Jan. 31, 1989, J.P. Morgan Investment GmbH was registered in Germany as a capital investment company — the very beginning for the German asset management business of J.P Morgan. With just seven employees, initially the company offered its expertise for institutional investors. A month later, the business issued its first institutional specialty fund.

The retail funds business started in 1990. Upon obtaining the banking license for the German market, the first investment funds were registered by the German regulator.

The business continues to operate as an asset manager for institutional clients and supports the liquidity management of German corporations. And today, advisors, independent asset managers and fund of fund managers use the retail fund range, as well as insurance companies using the platform for their unit linked policies. Investors can purchase the multitude of J.P Morgan funds, which are distributed by banks and savings banks and independent brokers.

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