Managing risk

Across industries and geographies, effective risk management is at the center of our clients’ environmental needs. Our Environmental Markets trading desk helps clients identify and execute innovative hedging strategies. For example, on each of our environmental products – CERs, ERUs, EUAs and VERs – we offer swaps, options and investor structures to help clients better manage their risk exposure.

We are also committed to ensuring that funds lent and underwritten to clients by J.P. Morgan are being used appropriately from an environmental and social perspective. Our Environmental Management professionals work with clients in high-risk sectors, such as mining and power, to provide guidance on how they can improve their environmental performance. As part of these efforts, we not only apply our own environmental policy, but also refer to the IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles as benchmarks.

Minding our own footprint

Minding our own footprint

We are continuously looking to improve our own use of resources to increase energy, water and material efficiency; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and actively advance the public discourse.

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