Quote on our people

In an industry as dynamic, innovative and complex as financial services, we need the very best employees. We are deeply committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed based on merit. We believe no barrier should inhibit an individual from performing to his or her full potential.

Quote on our people

We – and our clients – have experienced first-hand the benefits of being actively inclusive, operating as a meritocracy, and embracing diversity to harness the talent and experience of our best individuals. These and other aspects of our culture enable creativity and entrepreneurship to thrive.

To help us identify individuals for positions in the firm, J.P. Morgan has relationships with university and graduate school programs located across the globe. New recruits can look forward to further leadership training once they have been hired. Visit the Careers site to learn more.

J.P. Morgan’s global alumni network provides former employees with networking opportunities while promoting the ongoing benefits of being connected to the firm. By joining, alumni are able to participate in J.P. Morgan-hosted events with speakers, gain business insights from associating with former colleagues and current employees, and participate in networking events.


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