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Tokenized Collateral Network on Onyx Digital Assets

Tokenize, move and use assets as collateral

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Tokenized Collateral Network (TCN) is an application enabling investors to utilize assets as collateral. Transfer collateral ownership without moving assets in underlying ledgers — while remaining invested — starting with money market funds.

Why TCN?

Provides added capabilities for assets previously unavailable for use as collateral
Transparency of collateral ownership across the lifecycle of asset transfers
Automated reconciliation reduces manual processing
Enhanced collateral mobility eliminates the need for market moves thereby reducing cost and settlement timelines
Real-time transfer of collateral ownership
Ability to use tokenized collateral within other applications in the Onyx Digital Assets ecosystem1

How TCN Can Help

Portfolio Management Leaders

Continue to earn returns on assets while using as collateral for new investments.

Credit & Collateral Risk Leaders

Utilize financial assets as collateral while eliminating operational burdens and risk of settlement failure.

Product Management Leaders

Leverage an enterprise-grade blockchain-based platform that integrates to legacy infrastructure.2
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