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SpaceBridge: Pioneering Payments in Space

Exploring the future of financial services in Earth's orbit and beyond.

Space-based payments may catalyze the space economy

Our exploration into blockchain-based satellite-to-satellite payments1 may pave the way for seamless services and transactions in space. We executed a series of tests that will help lay the foundation of potential future platform – SpaceBridge2 - that would allow parties to request and pay for services without having to worry about complex inter-satellite communications and transactions.

In order to contextualize our work, we created a fully functioning demo where you can follow simulated transactions from an Earth-based station to a satellite in Lower Earth Orbit ('LEO'), to second satellite, also in LEO. The transactions are set within a narrative that simulates a user on Earth, Keerthi, procuring satellite imaging data. The transactions themselves took place on an Ethereum-based blockchain network and via satellite communications.

An Earth station controller, viewing all satellites in range, can upload new smart contracts and update services.
Satellites in low earth orbit can execute transactions autonomously through smart contracts.
A comprehensive ledger detailing transactions occurring in space. When the satellites come in range of the Earth station, the ledger is automatically synced to account for inter-satellite transactions that occurred out of range of the Earth station.

We are pushing boundaries

Watch live recordings of the technical interactions of the SpaceBridge demo that demonstrate our ability to execute future payments transactions supported by blockchain technology in space.

Launch Demo

Watch our demo3 where we will guide you through how space payments could work through an illustrative example of purchasing a satellite image and show real recorded footage of simulated transactions on SpaceBridge.

Launching the Cosmos Economy

The SpaceBridge prototype has demonstrated that token exchange is possible in space. This could enable clients and their customers to participate in a space services marketplace securely without worrying about the hardware, configuration, or satellite ownership.

A platform like the SpaceBridge prototype platform could provide secure Earth-to-satellite requests for various transaction types.
Satellites operating in a network could programmatically pay each other for services to optimize workload and time-to-completion.
Services and payments could be managed through an established and proven blockchain network.

Building the Infrastructure Today for the Space Marketplace of Tomorrow

The SpaceBridge prototype demonstrates the feasibility of a future space economy. As our technology progresses, we hope to make it easier for our clients and their customers to exchange value for services in space. Our blockchain platform that was used for the SpaceBridge prototype could provide a secure way for inter-satellite transactions to occur without the need for coordination by an on-Earth intermediary. This would allow for optimization of requests across a constellation of satellites resulting in cost-effective services rendered and faster times.

Potential Future Uses for a Blockchain-based Payments Network in Space4

Geospatial Satellite Functions– capture and analyze remote sensor data, including but not limited to imagery, electromagnetic scanning, and radar.

Carbon Consumption– measure emissions, deforestation and weather using multiple constellations over time to determine carbon footprints of cities and organizations.

Internet Services– allow for internet services across the globe across different providers for remote areas or new markets.

Consumer Payments– establish a currency for space tourism, allowing consumers to pay for goods and services, such as experiences or communications..

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