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Onyx Digital Assets

Unleash the power of tokenization

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Onyx Digital Assets is an asset tokenization platform that enables financial institutions, asset managers and fintechs to unlock untapped utility for their financial assets.

Recording and representing a financial asset as a programable token on a blockchain increases asset utilization and mobility, powers instant and atomic transaction settlement, provides real-time transparency of the asset lifecycle and enables operational process automation.

Leverage tailor-made applications to better utilize your financial assets. Such as enabling them to be used as collateral against secured intraday financing, or posting them as collateral margin without making market moves.

Bring your use cases to life. Build scalable institutional-grade applications tailored to your business needs with the help of our banking and blockchain experts.1


Leverage the power of blockchain and asset tokenization technology to move, settle and service your financial assets faster.

Increase the utility and mobility of financial assets by using blockchain technology
Cash On-Chain
Instantly and atomically settle transactions using the JPM Coin System, a cash on-chain value rail
Network Participants
Join an ecosystem of vetted institutional participants processing billions of dollars in transactions across applications
Blockchain Infrastructure
Build applications using our institutional-grade infrastructure that provides participant controls, blockchain components and integrations with existing infrastructure
Business Services
Manage the business and operational lifecycle of financial assets using our built-in reporting and billing services

Settle repo transactions in minutes using blockchain

Tokenize, move and use assets as collateral

Work with us to build applications tailored to your use case1

Use the longest standing bank-led asset tokenization platform to bring new capabilities to your financial assets.


With the Onyx Digital Assets platform you can:

Build institutional-grade applications tailored to your use case1
Collaborate with our experts to build and deploy your own interoperable, multi-asset applications to bring new use cases to market, faster.
Maximize economies of scale and network effects
Benefit from using a secure platform that provides access to a network of vetted institutions – empowering your application to scale.
Instantly and atomically settle transactions with programmability
Execute instantaneous Delivery-vs-Payment exchange of assets using the JPM Coin System, a cash on-chain value rail, and automate asset delivery and payment timing using smart contracts.
Solve for tomorrow by harnessing our unrivaled expertise
Take advantage of nearly a decade of our blockchain research, development and commercialization expertise, freeing you up to focus on your business while we deliver solutions that evolve alongside the ever-changing digital asset landscape.
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