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Onyx Digital Assets

Unleash the power of tokenization

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Onyx Digital Assets is an enterprise-grade, blockchain-based platform for financial institutions, corporations and innovators to tokenize and facilitate the exchange of assets for value in real-time with vetted network participants – opening up new opportunities to access liquidity, markets and more.


Applications built on the Onyx Digital Assets platform can be developed to accommodate a variety of use cases at any stage of the journey.


Business Services
Manage operations with our reporting, billing, tokenization services and more
Network Participants
Tap into a vetted network processing billions of dollars in transactions
Payment Infrastructure
Clear and settle payments around the clock
Blockchain Infrastructure
Build applications using a secure tech stack providing access to a blockchain network, hosting infrastructure, tools and integrations to quickly bring use cases to life

Exciting applications are in development… stay tuned

Why Onyx Digital Assets?

Transform your business with tokenization to take advantage of blockchain digitization. Leverage almost a decade of our specialized blockchain research, development and commercialization expertise, combined with J.P. Morgan’s global reach, to bring your blockchain use case from idea to production.

  • Speed to Market

    Save time, cost and resources by using our platform – bringing your ideas to market faster.

  • Increase Global Awareness

    Applications on Onyx Digital Assets gain mass exposure through the J.P. Morgan brand which is present in over 100 markets.2

  • Energy Efficient

    Our consensus protocol is ESG friendly to support your goals.3

Flexible Blockchain Network
Our Ethereum Virtual Machine-based blockchain platform has flexible consensus, no gas fees and API connectivity.
Industry Leading Expertise
Tap into our dedicated firm-wide subject matter experts in cybersecurity, digital assets, engineering, legal and product management. Use team learnings to bring cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions to your business.
Real-Time Payments
Move money faster with the JPM Coin System, a payment rail embedded in Onyx Digital Assets that securely processes payments and delivers funds in real-time– allowing the use of J.P. Morgan as a global money transmitter and enabling the near instantaneous atomic exchange of assets for value. More payment options are coming soon.4
Robust Security
As a regulated institution, security is one of our greatest priorities, and as a result, we’ve implemented advanced enterprise-grade security, procedures and controls into the platform.
Bank-Grade Compliance
Interact with established and vetted participants that meet our KYC and AML protocols. Configure identity access, key management and more to meet compliance needs.
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