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Onyx Digital Assets

A multi-asset blockchain network and platform that enables the exchange of value for different types of digital assets.

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Onyx Digital Assets is a blockchain-based network that enables the processing, recording and Delivery-versus-Payment (DVP) exchange of digital assets across asset classes. The network provides access to the JPM Coin system, which is leveraged to support the payment leg of Onyx Digital Assets transactions. Onyx Digital Assets provides a suite of services and potential benefits to clients:

  • Speed to Market

    Bring digital use cases to life with distributed-ledger technology (DLT) - saving time, resources and cost - moving your ideas to market, faster.

  • Vetted Network

    Tap into an established network processing billions of dollars in high-value transactions on a blockchain-based network for multi-asset, on-chain transactions.

Onyx Digital Assets consists of:


Developed by J.P. Morgan with the potential for externally-developed applications in the future.


Tokenized Collateral

More exciting applications in development… stay tuned

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Key Differentiators


Intraday Repo (IR) on Onyx Digital Assets

First blockchain-based Intraday Repo solution that enables secured intraday financing through the exchange of cash for tokenized collateral

  • Enables near instantaneous atomic exchange of collateral for cash
  • Enables Repo transactions to be traded, settled and matured within a day, shortening trade terms to minutes or hours

The IR solution provides

  • Automated settlement and maturity of intraday repo trades, reducing settlement risk / timeline
  • Automated trade terms, decreasing the need for manual processing at settlement / maturity
  • Real-time, simultaneous transfer of cash and collateral ownership
  • Access to liquidity with real-time transacting, reporting, and active intraday liquidity management
  • Real-time transparency of trade lifecycle

Tokenized Collateral Network (TCN) on Onyx Digital Assets

Tokenize, move, and use a broader set of assets as collateral

  • Enables the optimized use of collateral across exposures and locations
  • Supports real-time transfer of collateral ownership
  • Facilitates mobility outside of traditional market hours

The TCN solution provides

  • Velocity, maneuverability and access to liquidity for assets previously unable to use as collateral
  • Automated collateral mobility eliminates market moves, reducing costs and settlement risk / timeline
  • Transparency of collateral ownership
  • Composability to use tokenized collateral within the Onyx Digital Assets ecosystem
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