The Blockchain Launch team, our blockchain innovation accelerator, takes high-impact business opportunities from market concept to commercial release.

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Onyx offers access to reliable, tech-forward blockchain and payments infrastructure.

Liink by J.P. Morgan

Formerly known as the Interbank Information Network® (IIN℠), Liink helps to improve transaction and information flows around the world.

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25 plus+

More than 25 of the world’s 50 largest banks have already signed up to join Liink

Coin Systems

Blockchain infrastructure for the future of money movement

Coin Systems is building new, shared ledger technology that not only accelerates value movement, but through the use of smart contract functionality, enables programmable value itself.footnote link1

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Payment Services

A new model for provisioning expedited payments

From individual features and data services to end-to-end solutions, Onyx is opening up access to J.P. Morgan's wholesale infrastructure.

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Onyx supports efficiency by creating connections that help open up whole new markets and services in more ways every day.

Payments Clearing & Settlement Market Infrastructure

Coin Systems is building new technology that enables the creation of conditional payments that follow custom business rules and logic, underpinned by shared ledger technology. This new payments technology can be used to facilitate the next generation of trade and securities settlement.footnote link2

Data Networks

Utilizing distributed ledger technology, Liink enables transference and validation of data for financial institutions and corporate clients globally, supporting multiple use cases to reduce friction experienced with traditional infrastructure.

Re-architecting Information and Value

The Blockchain Launch team develops and implements distributed ledger-based technology to create efficient and low latency solutions to digitally represent and transfer value.