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Liink by J.P. Morgan

Transforming how
payment-related information

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Unleash the power of the world’s first bank-led, production-grade, peer-to-peer blockchain network.

Liink enables institutions to exchange payment-related information quickly and securely and addresses challenges that result in increased costs and delays.

We established Liink to find more efficient ways to transfer data through custom applications.


Liink’s applications* can help solve your most complex payment information challenges:

Experience the Liink advantage

Simplify the process of transferring payment-related information across institutions, at the speed of the internet.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Explore new ways to monetize your data assets.

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More than half of the world’s largest banks have signed up to join the new paradigm, using blockchain technology to simplify payment-related information exchange

Participating banks and corporations

of the world’s leading banks1 have signed up to join Liink


leading institutions have signed letters of intent2


countries are covered by the Liink network

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