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Digital Financing on Onyx Digital Assets

Settle repo transactions in minutes using blockchain

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Digital Financing

Digital Financing is an application that provides access to secured financing through the exchange of cash for tokenized collateral. Settle repo transactions within minutes using smart contracts to tokenize cash and collateral prior to the trade – reducing settlement and counterparty risk.

Why Digital Financing?

  • Access to liquidity with real-time transaction settlement, reporting, and active intraday liquidity management

  • Atomic settlement through delivery-vs-payment enables the real-time simultaneous transfer of cash and collateral ownership

  • Programmable trade terms increase control and certainty of settlement and maturity timelines

  • Real-time transparency of trade lifecycle

  • Automated settlement and maturity of intraday repo trades thereby reduces settlement risk and timeline

  • Interest accrues based on actual usage down to the minute

Digital Financing can help borrowers:

  • Efficiently manage cash needs by obtaining secured intraday liquidity with expanded operating hours
  • Tailor financing arrangements to changing demands by adjusting the settlement and maturity windows

Digital Financing can help lenders:

  • Tap into a new channel of borrowers seeking secured financing arrangements
  • Invest capital within flexible operating hours with the option to fine-tune transaction timing and track assets across custodians – all using a single platform
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