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Confirm by Liink

Unlocking business opportunities for financial institutions and their clients

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Grow your revenue and differentiate your payments business by offering your clients a global account validation service powered by Confirm, enabling them to make more informed decisions before initiating payments – across borders and payment rails.

Returned payments negatively impact the customer experience across the globe.

71% of payment failures are caused by factors such as incorrect account information and beneficiary account details1.

Safeguard payments for your clients

Elevate the customer experience with simplicity and security

Your clients can pre-validate account information quickly, securely and globally—before they send a payment to a new supplier during onboarding, a first time beneficiary, or even a large, one-time payment. All with a single connection.

Confirm can help your clients:

Validate over 3 billion beneficiary accounts2

Decrease payment failures and mitigate fraud risk

Power smart, data-driven decision making

Improve straight-through processing

Confirm can help you:

Launch new client offerings within payment and clearing operations

Tap into an innovative new revenue stream

Grow your share of wallet with new and existing clients

Go to market faster - and at a lower cost - by using one global service rather than multiple domestic services

Quickly, securely, and globally validate account information prior to payment.

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Confirm is powered by the Liink by J.P. Morgan peer-to-peer information exchange network

Unlock business opportunities with Confirm
  1. [1] True Impact of Failed Payments, a 2023 global research study by Lexis-Nexis Risk Solutions.
  2. [2] Expected estimates on number of accounts on Confirm are calculated based on projections from market research and incoming clients in Confirm’s pipeline and are subject to change. All estimates on number of accounts include data from JPMorgan as a Participant as a Responder and an Inquirer on Confirm.
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