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CheckMatch by Liink

Streamlining check processing digitally, from check originators to lockbox providers

Paper checks are part of a legacy payment system:


check payments in U.S. in 2018 1


avg cost to issue a check factoring all costs 2


days avg time to process a paper check 3


CheckMatch helps streamline the processing of checks, enabling check originators to directly transmit critical information to lockbox providers, enabling electronic processing and reducing paper checks.


Why CheckMatch?

  • Reduce operational costs required to process paper checks
  • Facilitate streamlined processing of deposits into client accounts with reduced number of manual errors
  • Mitigate instances of fraud by eliminating paper checks to protect customers
  • Keep data secure through a blockchain-based network
  • Contribute to environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals by reducing paper check usage

Check originators can query the lockbox directory to determine whether their check payments can flow through the Liink network, enabling the opportunity to digitize checks instead of printing and mailing them. Lockbox providers will receive all data required for these check payments to be cleared through existing channels.

How Can We Help?

Business/Innovation Leaders

  • Join a network of leading financial institutions and providers
  • Advance your organization’s ESG efforts (reduce paper usage and carbon emissions from mail)

Technical Leaders

  • Leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology and APIs
  • Reduce fraud through the security of the Liink network

Finance Leaders

  • Achieve cost savings
  • Gain a competitive advantage by joining an industry-leading digital solution

CheckMatch changes the way check originators and lockbox providers connect. Contact us to learn how you can transform the way your information moves on the Liink network.

Contact us to learn how you can transform the way your information moves
  1. [1] 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study.
  2. [2] NACHA estimated average cost to process a paper check, 2019.
  3. [3] USPS and JPMC estimates, 2020
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