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Digital commerce innovation and optimization center stage at MAG Annual Conference

Fast, secure and simple digital payments is a top merchant priority 

See the current and emerging digital payment trends that matter most to merchants.

In September 2019, more than 800 professionals representing merchants, payment providers and industry thought leaders attended the 2019 Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

MAG provides merchants, payment providers and stakeholders with a forum for networking and exchanging insights that can make in-store, online and mobile commerce more efficient, convenient and secure.

Here are five key takeaways the J.P. Morgan team captured from this year’s annual conference:

  • MAG’s newly formed Innovation Committee is tasked with ensuring that merchants across the full range of retail segments keep pace with and benefit from rapidly evolving  technology.
  • Embedded payments, point-of-sale financing and faster funding are expected to make payments a strategic priority for merchants’ treasury and finance teams.
  • Maintaining seamless customer experiences and security safeguards are top of mind as merchants consider debit routing strategies.
  • Any time, any place and any device payments continue to decentralize the point-of-sale and provide consumers with more convenience and value.
  • MAG is working to ensure the Federal Reserve’s new real-time payments rail is innovative, resilient and safe for all payment stakeholders.

J.P. Morgan actively participates in industry events and shares valuable insight to advance the interests of merchants and consumers. For more information, please contact your J.P. Morgan representative.


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