How APIs Are Driving Treasury Innovation

As you scale your rapidly growing business, cash management becomes increasingly important and complex. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can help simplify business operations by seamlessly connecting enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to cash management platforms.

In addition, APIs can power enhanced experiences from initiating real-time payments to providing on-demand reporting and streamlining onboarding tasks. JPMorgan Chase continually adds new APIs in order to deliver innovative services to our clients—often based on ongoing feedback we’ve received directly from them.

The J.P. Morgan Treasury Ignition™ plugin integrates payment and banking functionalities directly into your ERP system for a simplified payables and receivables experience. Treasury Ignition can help boost automation of payables and receivables processes, reduce exposure to errors and reconcile with two-way communication between J.P. Morgan and your ERP system.

Check out this webinar to hear experts discussing how to navigate the ever-changing treasury automation landscape and how technologies such as Treasury Ignition are making bank connectivity more seamless for ERP and treasury systems. 

Key topics

  • Defining APIs and how they provide on-demand access to chosen platforms
  • Exploring the current treasury automation landscape and what’s coming next
  • A look at real-life challenges and success stories around ERP connectivity
  • How to find dynamic solutions that can scale as your business grows
  • A demo of J.P. Morgan’s Treasury Ignition platform


  • Matt Fong, CTP, Executive Director, Innovation Economy National TS Sales Group Manager
  • Deb Myers, Executive Director, Digital Product Delivery
  • Paul Margarites, Executive Director, Co-Head of Treasury Ignition

"As part of the new frontier of where financial services are going, having an open mindset and open banking solutions will become a critical piece of being a better partner."
—Matt Fong, CTP, Innovation Economy National TS Sales Group Manager