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Increasing Operational
Efficiency for Viacom

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2:53 The J.P. Morgan Data OnceTM Portal helps our treasury clients with bank account management by streamlining account opening and by improving the onboarding process. Hear how Data OnceTM is an effective solution for our client, Viacom.
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A montage shows director's clapboards, TV studios, and a soundstage.

Brooke Tilton. VP, Treasury, Viacom:

Viacom is a global multi-platform branded intellectual property entertainment company.


Our brands are household names like MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Channel 5 in the UK. We have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and of course, the Jersey Shore. Our production schedules are very tight. When a show green lit we need to open a bank account immediately. There are people flying to locations around the world, and they need to rent office space, get props, and generally start the production.

Jennifer Acosta. Industry Head, Technology, Media, and Telecom, J.P. Morgan Treasury Sales:

When someone told me they could make bank account management easier, faster and better for me, I didn't believe them. So, enter Data Once. Data Once is an automated portal that allows our clients to initiate an account opening process through an automated way versus a very manual, non-efficient process.


My team piloted Data Once and we had lots of suggestions and J.P. Morgan really listened to us. They are very, very focused on the relationship, they're very focused on technology that makes life better for their clients.


J.P. Morgan wants to be that trusted advisor, that innovation partner for all of our clients and I think that Data Once is a great example of what we've done in conjunction with our clients to create a product and a solution that is really important to them.

Kevin Heins. Global Head of Implementations, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services:

Data Once is just scratching the surface on what we could be doing in treasury services. It's about making it better to do business with J.P. Morgan because as our clients grow globally, we want to grow with them.

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