What We Do

What We Do

An industry leading bank based provider of merchant services.

what we do


J.P. Morgan provides merchant services

that can help clients manage costs, drive sales, better navigate the omnichannel payment landscape, and enhance cash flow and the management of receivables.

Grow Your Business


Manage Costs


Prepare for the Future



Grow Your Business

Payments are no longer simply transactions. They're an important key to your growth. You need a partner who can help you get it right with your customers, no matter where they are or how they pay.

Customers expect their purchasing experience to be easy, quick, frictionless, safe, and tailored to their preference. They anticipate it to be seamless, even invisible. When it is, your business thrives. But when paying gets in the way of buying, problems can arise.

Your success depends increasingly on how easy you make it on your customers. Simplified payments improve sales conversion rates, lessen shopping-cart abandonment, lead to repeat sales and increase customers loyalty. That means sustained growth and greater market share for you.


Reach Your Customers Where They Buy

Our unified omnichannel offering enables you to serve your customers no matter what channel they choose, allowing you to optimize the customer relationship.

Serve Your Customers Globally

As your business expands across borders and the web, you are with a partner who is a driving force in banking - with treasury services, foreign exchange and industry leading payment solutions.

Expedite the Payment Process

Authorizations are quick and seamless, and you are quickly notified of denials. We support more than 65 international payment types plus, you can enhance your cash flow with next business day funding.


Manage Costs

As both an acquirer and issuer, we have the capability to manage the end-to-end payment process, allowing you to better manage payment processing costs.

When you bank with us, you get a partner that can manage the full payment process. This means no extra layers or gateways. Reporting will be fast, simple and sure to reconcile.

How We Can Help

Reduce payment processing costs.

Benefit from higher efficiencies and more predictable processing costs with ChaseNetSM our closed loop payment platform for Chase Visa transactions.

Reduce compliance risk.

Our extensive and robust risk and compliance management protocols can help your organization reduce risk exposure and associated costs.

Minimize development time frames and resource impacts.

When you integrate with us, you can choose from a variety of programming languages and software development kits or use third-party vendors already integrated into our robust platform.


Increase operational efficiencies.

When you reduce the need for manual processes, you create efficiencies. For example: auto-decisioning, automatically update customer card information and trigger reoccurring payments.

Optimize receivables.

Reduce processing fees and improve your operating margin with next business day funding* and earnings credits.


Prepare for the Future

Managing payments goes well beyond simply accepting, authorizing and settling — it is central to the very viability of your business. A sound payments strategy will continue to propel your business forward.

It's critical to ensure your payment acceptance program addresses both you and your customers' future needs. We are planning for the future with a payment strategy that can help you stay ahead of accelerating marketplace changes.

How We Can Help

Extensive Customer Insight

You can be better prepared to respond to overall market trends with our insights, based on current buying patterns and preferences.

Global Presence

When you are ready to expand your business globally, we have the payment infrastucture in place for you. Whether online, in-store, digital or app-driven, there are virtually no restrictions on how or where you can accept payments.

Technology Innovation

We continue to invest in the future with innovative and leading payment services – from ChaseNet, our closed loop payment platform for Chase Visa transactions, to Chase Pay®, our digital payment platform that addresses key merchant pain points – payment processing costs and fraud liability.

Receivables Management

Reduce the burden of cash and currency management with digital payments. Improve efficiencies in receivables management with integrated merchant services, enhanced cash flow and next business day funding.

Strength and Stability

Only a bank provider with the scale, capability and reputation of J.P. Morgan can offer the integrated set of services that will equip businesses like yours to succeed, now and in the future.

Through it all, you can be assured that protecting your customers' data remains a high priority with security practices, protocols and standards.

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Web Terminals


Securely manage online, telephone, or mail order payments with Orbital® Virtual Terminal. That includes card authorizations, settlements or refunds.


Online POS Terminal uses a PIN pad to process EMV payments from your PC or laptop.

Online Reporting


Paymentech Online allows multi-channel and large e-commerce merchants to manage their account online.


Resource Online allows small businesses and larger retail and card-present merchants to manage their account online.

For Developers


This self service portal makes it quick and easy to integrate your applications with J.P. Morgan APIs and SDKs. Start your build and test it in the Developer Center.

*Next business day funding is available to eligible Chase merchant services clients who deposit into a single Chase business checking account. Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® and American Express® OptBlue® credit and debit transactions are eligible. All businesses are subject to business credit approval and all funds are subject to fraud monitoring. In addition, funding is subject to the terms and conditions of the merchant processing agreement. Chase must receive settled transactions by 11:59 pm EST. Funds are deposited on the next business day, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Some exclusions may apply, talk to a Chase Representative for more detail. The listed payment brand(s) are not sponsors of this program. All marks are marks of their respective companies.

Some J.P. Morgan products and services may not be available in certain regions. Please consult your J.P. Morgan representative to learn more about the products and services available to you.


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