Liquidity Management


Global liquidity management
for the next-generation treasury

Our strategic investment in disruptive technologies integrates liquidity, payments and FX to drive efficiency. Our growing suite of solutions tackles your cross-border liquidity challenges to help optimize cash flow, lower risk and automate processes.

Our areas of focus:

Process automation drives operational and cost efficiencies, connectivity, speed, security and standardization.

Control of global cash and risk requires visibility and strong FX exposure management to optimize treasury management.

More reliable cash flow forecasting to better determine requirements in all markets.

Custom structures to meet the specific liquidity and payment needs of your organization.


New ways to visualize global cash

We are analyzing your liquidity and payments data in powerful new ways to surface meaningful and timely insights. By embracing big data and machine learning, we can help you free up working capital, mobilize cash and reduce FX exposure in new ways.

J.P. Morgan Access® is our award-winning global cash management platform where you can manage cash balances, daily transactions and information.

Make time-sensitive liquidity and funding decisions with real-time global cash position information
See physical cash concentration and pooling structures online for greater visibility and control
Initiate liquidity investment positions in specific locations
Pinpoint cash globally — by account, entity, location or currency — for enhanced risk management
Monitor inter-company loan activity
Digitize activities using online administration tools
View comprehensive reporting when you need it


Integrated solutions that drive cost and operational efficiencies

In-depth Account Structure Analysis

reviews and rationalizes global accounts

Investment Alternatives

automates investment for excess cash balances into a range of money market funds

Just-in-Time Funding

automatically calculates and funds local currency payments from a central account for both single- and cross-currency payments

Cross-Currency Sweeps

automatically concentrate cash or fund overdrafts in non-functional currency accounts with a functional currency account to optimize account structures and manage FX risk

Just-In-Time Funding and Cross-Currency Sweeps

Manage your cross-border transaction flows and make cash available when and where you need it.

TPV Technology

Hear from the Corporate Treasurer of TPV Technology Group, the largest manufacturer of monitors in the world, on how our solutions helped rationalize bank accounts, increase visibility of surplus cash and automate payment funding.

Multi-Bank Just-in-Time Funding

Move funds automatically between your J.P. Morgan account and your third party bank account to centralize excess funds or automatically fund payments.

Multi-Bank Cross-Currency Sweeps

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Automatically pre-fund your J.P. Morgan payments by pulling from your third party bank account.

Virtual Account Management

combines one physical account with an accounting sub-ledger that is uniquely configured for segregating cash flows
Rollout out starting in 2018

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Physical and Notional Cash Concentration

J.P. Morgan’s comprehensive services support a wide range of account structures to help you centralize balances and obtain greater cash efficiency


Solutions to help reduce expenses and enhance returns

Cash remains fully liquid while earning value
Stable balances may earn higher returns
Accounts can be grouped to earn value for balances across accounts, entities, currencies and locations

Earnings Credit Rate Solutions (ECR)

We offer a variety of innovative ECR solutions that increase value for balances, reduce banking fees, maintain daily cash liquidity and provide comprehensive account information.

Liquidity Management Account Solutions (LMA)

LMA solutions provide value for operating balances while maintaining complete liquidity.

Stable balances in your account, over pre-determined time periods, will automatically earn incremental value.

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