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Thinking Out Loud - October 2013

Carlos Hernandez

It has been said that art has the power to inspire the human spirit. In this issue of Thought, we pursue a somewhat similar inspiration for the art of investing, with all of its risks and its many rewards.

Our first article, “The Art of Investing in Art,” takes a clear-eyed look at the proposition of collecting as an alternative investment. In relation to this topic, our firm can thank David Rockefeller, a legendary philanthropist and collector of art, as well as the former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. More than fifty years ago, Mr. Rockefeller started the JPMorgan Chase art collection, which has blossomed into one of the premier corporate repositories of artwork in the world—a few examples are presented in these pages. His vision has ensured that employees and visitors in JPMC offices around the globe enjoy exposure to these inspiring acquisitions.

We are here to support you and your business objectives.

Elsewhere in this issue you can read the first in a series of articles about the enormous potential for asset management in Asia. In other commentary, we examine the state of the hedge fund industry as seen through the lens of our clients, and we cite certain new best practices in securities lending.

This edition also features the launch of a section called “Ideas in Action,” where we’ll regularly sample solutions developed by J.P. Morgan in response to industry needs. For example, you’ll find there an overview of our unique global collateral management and optimization services, which were developed to provide you with critical asset-management tools.

The point I would like to make is that we are here to support you and your business objectives. We continue to work hard toward providing all of our clients with an integrated, single point of access to the broadest suite of middle and back office solutions available in the market today. Our clients truly are the inspiration.

Thank you for reading Thought. Please know that your questions and comments are always welcome and may be sent to

Carlos Hernandez
Chief Executive Officer, Investor Services


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