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Notes from J.P. Morgan's Pensions Blog - 2Q 2013

Posted during the Investment Operations & Custody Conference held April 29-30 in Shanghai.

Some of the most influential pension funds in the world gathered in one place to discuss common issues facing the Asian market.

Focus on investment management from the back, through the middle and out into the front offices. The big pension funds spent two days in Shanghai discussing how to reduce inefficiencies and the connection with better returns.

An overall sense that the big pension funds have further need to access the world’s best practice. Is this historic sense of isolation something to do with the great distances across the region and the way these large pension funds are spread across Asia?

Nearly all of the funds have grown rapidly since reforms 20 or so years ago but are continuing to search for best practice in terms of governing themselves as fiduciaries.

These funds are due to grow even more rapidly over the next decade or so; greater transparency is a key focus. A stronger oversight of how the money is managed was another key thread.

I anticipate this type of forum will grow as systems like Australia’s share goals and aspirations with Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan and others wanting to form these networks.

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Benjie Fraser

Benjie Fraser
Global Pensions Executive


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