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A New Tool for Online Securities Lending Clients

Following extensive market research and product development, a dynamic new tool for securities lending clients will launch on J.P. Morgan ACCESS Securities ("ACCESS Securities") in August 2013.

ACCESS Securities was introduced in the fourth quarter of 2012 to help enhance how clients assess, manage and leverage investment information. With an intelligent design, intuitive navigation and the ability to personalize views and settings to fit users' specific responsibilities, ACCESS Securities has proven to be a powerful and easy-to-use online solution for clients. The portal's expansion to include Securities Lending is designed to deliver the samebenefits to this unique segment.

ACCESS Securities

Upon logging in, ACCESS Securities users are greeted by an executive level dashboard, consisting of six customizable portlets. These portlets allow users to pick and choose across several products and obtain a quick snapshot of pertinent information, all in one easy view.

Each product portlet offers an efficient workspace that presents more detailed information with an interactive experience. The Securities Lending workspace, for instance, displays critical program information and metrics such as loans outstanding, collateral by type, daily earnings and collateral percentage that can be drilled down on for more detail. Earnings information is viewable over specific time frames and loans outstanding by various dimensions—including borrower, asset, type and sector—with extensive graphical visualizations.

The Securities Lending product is available to all ACCESS Securities subscribers, along with our additional portal offerings: Custody, Compliance, Performance and Portfolio Insight. Other features include Market Insights for the latest headlines and News Flashes across J.P. Morgan's market network; as well as My Reports, which provides VIEWS Portfolio Reporting users quick access to recently run reports.

ACCESS Securities

ACCESS Securities

If you are currently an ACCESS Securities user and would like to know when Securities Lending will be available to you, please contact your Securities Lending Portfolio Advisor for roll-out information. The new tool is simply an add-on to your current logon ID credentials and avoids the need for an additional user ID and password. All new ACCESS Securities users will automatically be greeted by the new dashboard and all its features upon logging ontothe site. Existing users will notice the addition of J.P. Morgan ACCESS Securities on the lefthand side of the screen, under Applications. One click on the link will launch you on your way to our new online experience.

In the months ahead, J.P. Morgan is focused on bringing additional products onto ACCESS Securities, including Cash and Accounting offerings. We are constantly monitoring our global client base and engaging them in dialogues to better understand their challenges. This input helps inform what should be included in future portal releases, as well as which functionality and features are most critically needed.


Agent Lending Newsletter, 2Q 2013


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