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Investment Operations Services (IOS) provides a complete suite of investment operations outsourcing services for institutional asset managers. Our services encompass all asset management activities post-trade execution, allowing asset managers to focus on their core competencies of managing assets and client relationships.

Comprehensive Service: Our comprehensive core service covers all aspects from trade processing, asset servicing and investment record keeping through asset manager and end client reporting, and is supported by a team of experienced and relationship focused management and staff and a robust and scalable technology and operating model.

Expertise and Partnership: IOS employees have hands-on experience of both asset management and the wider securities servicing industry, so we understand the varied and sometimes complex needs of asset managers. This knowledge and our consultative approach enable us to create solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Investment and Innovation: Our commitment and ongoing investment in our multi-client technology platform, global operating model and global centers of excellence allows you to focus your resources on front office innovation.

Integrated Solutions: Our services are easily integrated with the many other services that J.P. Morgan provides, such as accounting, custody, fund administration, compliance, global derivatives services, cash management and securities lending.  

Key benefits include:

  • Integrated investment and fund accounting provides single record for consistency, eliminates reconciliations and duplicate processing, and provides consistent data for internal decision making and published NAVs;
  • A component-based operating model provides flexibility over a choice of functions to outsource or retain, and supports a variety of migration paths and incremental services;
  • Integrated administration for hedge funds, pooled funds, segregated funds and life funds supports use of alternative asset classes;
  • Rapid product development supports faster time to market to support our clients' rapidly evolving investment strategies and market advances;
  • Single global operating model provides global consistency of data and functionality, supported by global centers of expertise with local client service and relationship management;
  • Leverage our continued investment in technology and people to reduce your operational risk and costs as you diversify across geographies and asset classes.

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