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With more than 290 clients globally, J.P. Morgan Investment Information Services provides clients with the information they need to make more informed investment decisions and allows them to optimize their portfolios and manage risk. Our services span performance measurement, characteristics and attribution, risk measurement, investment manager analysis and universe comparison, and asset allocation/asset liability analysis.

Extensive analytical and consulting services:

  • One-stop shop for tailored investment optimization tools and a full range of consulting services that can help clients attain their unique investment goals
  • Our people have investment expertise and a unique skill set across a broad product offering to provide superior client service, and forward-looking solutions to support current and future needs

Exceptional breadth, depth and quality of investment information via industry leading on-line capabilities:

  • Daily or monthly performance measurement provided at asset class, sector, country, currency and individual security level for any time period
  • Flexibility of access to data and reporting - view, group, dissect, and report the underlying data any way you choose
  • Full reporting of derivatives and alternatives, look-through capabilities for commingled funds
  • Customized benchmarks can also be created to meet client-specific requirements - portfolio performance can be compared to our existing database of over 2,000 published indices
  • Comprehensive and automated web-based accounting and performance reconciliation with investment managers to ensure accurate client reporting

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