Custody & Fund Services

Exchange Traded Fund Services

J.P. Morgan has a history of innovation in the ETF space and is proud of its complementary range of ETF products and clients it supports. In addition to assisting in the development of innovative new fund structures, we provide global custody, fund accounting and administration, basket creation, web-based order taking, transfer agency and basket settlement services to help make product launches and ongoing servicing a success.

ETF servicing innovation:

  • First "class of share" ETF, the first enhanced index, inverse index and enhanced inverse index ETFs, and a series of currency-based ETFs
  • Creation of an ETF dividend reinvestment program
  • Solutions for complex fixed income ETF challenges including automated coupon payment capture

Technology and infrastructure:

  • Fully integrated system for ETF accounting, administration, custody, web-based order taking and transfer agency
  • Servicing module facilitates accurate and timely transaction capture, leading to increased efficiencies and continued expansion of product depth
  • Top-tier institutional ETF trading desk, an Authorized Participant for 99% of US-listed ETFs


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