Agent Lending

For over 35 years, J.P. Morgan has offered institutional investors the opportunity to enhance their portfolio returns by providing customized securities lending solutions that draw on our risk and credit expertise and global equity and fixed income trading capabilities. Through a program designed specifically for them, our clients may define individual program parameters to meet their specific risk/return requirements. Our approach to client service means we deliver the full capabilities of the firm — including trading, risk and market intelligence, technology and experienced servicing teams — to help all clients enhance return, mitigate risk and increase efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  • Flexibility and Customization – work with J.P. Morgan to design a program that specifically meets your unique requirements
  • Maximum Control and Transparency – utilize separate account solutions tailored to your unique investment guidelines, counterparty eligibility constraints and reporting needs
  • Indemnification Against Borrower Default – supported by J.P. Morgan’s fortress balance sheet
  • Comprehensive Lending Options – choose from agent-discretionary, client-directed, auction, exclusive and principal program arrangements
  • Premier Risk Management – supported by independent borrower and issuer credit reviews performed by J.P. Morgan’s Broker-Dealer Services and Asset Management

35 years of Securities Lending



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