Risk and Margin Solutions

Risk Management

The J.P. Morgan Prime Brokerage offering provides clients with customizable financing solutions and extensive product coverage, delivered by a dedicated risk management team located throughout the world. Integrated with firm-wide credit, risk and collateral management businesses, we are committed to providing a stable risk framework to our client base. Risk managers work closely with clients to communicate the firm’s risk policy and understand client leverage needs.

Our propriety Risk Analysis and Control risk management system monitors risk across multiple strategies and products, using hundreds of different market scenarios to simulate portfolios and positions. This allows fund managers and traders to preview a wide array of profit and loss possibilities.

Capital Efficient Margin Solutions

J.P. Morgan provides clients with both Prime Collateralization (net margin) and Cross Margin solutions across asset classes.

Services offered include:

  • Dynamic risk-and-rules-based margin solution applied to a large cross-section of strategies and products
  • Cross-margining to improve the client’s overall capital efficiency by margining multiple products as a single portfolio
  • Prime collateralization, which allows the use of margin in the Prime Brokerage accounts to meet collateral requirements in other parts of the firm, including OTC derivatives, F&O or FX

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