MasterSwap: Reporting

One of the key features of MasterSwap is the operational simplicity and the ease of access to reporting. MasterSwap offers a dedicated client relationship manager and client support team. We welcome working with clients to continue to enhance the service and facilities available under MasterSwap.

Following are reports in the full reporting suite:  

Trade Reports

  • Daily Swaps Trade Blotter
  • Monthend Swap Trade Blotter
  • MasterSwap Daily Confirmation

PnL Reports

  • Daily Position Report
  • Position / P&L Report (Local)
  • Position / P&L Report (USD) (As above in USD)
  • AUA Trade Date Analysis
  • AUA Value Date Analysis
  • MasterSwap Fund Summary

 Margin/Financing Reports

  • Financing Report
  • Additional Short Spread Report
  • Margin Report Details
  • Margin Report Summary

 Corporate Action Reports

  • Dividends/Coupons
  • Corporate Actions Exposure

Supplemental Reports

  • CDS Position Report
  • OTC Position Report


View sample reports

  • Daily Swaps Trade Blotter
  • Position/P&L Report Local
  • Financing Report



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