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Treasury Services Network

J.P. Morgan is one of the world's largest financial institutions, and services clients in more than 50 major countries worldwide. In Australia and New Zealand, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services provides a full range of both domestic and international services.

Domestic Network

J.P. Morgan's domestic network covers both the Australian and New Zealand markets, with branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

Partner bank relationships with National Australia Bank in Australia and ANZ Bank in New Zealand provide clients with access to local deposit and cheque encashment facilities linked to their J.P. Morgan accounts at branches of these banks across Australia and New Zealand.

J.P. Morgan is a member of all the major clearing houses in Australia and therefore can process payments and collections for all the key payment channels typically used by its wholesale banking clients. Access to payments is via J.P. Morgan's Internet banking platform, ACCESS, or via direct processing of payment files generated by a client's ERP system and transmitted to J.P. Morgan via secure host-to-host connectivity.

Full domestic capability for New Zealand is currently being implemented.

International Network

J.P. Morgan has an extensive global banking network covering 50 major countries worldwide, including in-country operations in 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. This enables Australian and New Zealand companies to access international and in-country cash management trade services across the world.

In addition to its cash management and trade network, J.P. Morgan also operates escrow hubs in 14 countries across the world, facilitating cross-border M&A deals.


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