Recording of Business Use Phones

Some communications through the landline phones used for business purposes by our officers and employees are recorded by using our communication recording system.  Communications through the firm-supplied mobile phones for business use are recorded by using the communication recording service provided by a telecommunications carrier.

Data recorded by our communication recording system are stored and managed by us, and data recorded by the telecommunications carrier are stored and managed by the telecommunication carrier themselves.  Recorded data are used for the purposes such as, to accurately understand contents of orders, improve our services, and enhance our compliance environment.

In the event our employees communicate through a business landline phone or a business use mobile phone, we will do so assuming that you have understood and acknowledged the above.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Further, our officers and employees are prohibited from using personal mobile phones for business purposes.  Therefore, please be mindful that any business communication with our officers or employees on a mobile phone will be through a company provided business use mobile phone.


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