Terms of Business – minor non-monetary benefits

This supplement should be read in conjunction with the Terms of Business for investment business conducted by J.P. Morgan Securities plc, J.P. Morgan Europe Limited, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (London Branch), J.P. Morgan Limited,  and J.P. Morgan Markets Limited (together J.P. Morgan). 

Where you are subject to restrictions under the Rules on the receipt of fees or commissions or the provision or receipt of non-monetary benefits (other than acceptable minor non-monetary benefits), in both cases to or from third parties, you are responsible for compliance with these requirements and must assess whether any non-monetary benefit we may provide to you is in compliance with the Rules as they apply to you. Accordingly, we provide no assurance that any non-monetary benefit we may provide to you complies with the Rules as they apply to you.

We may provide you with certain acceptable minor non-monetary benefits listed at COBS 2.3A.19R(5) in the FCA Handbook

Other minor non-monetary benefits:

With reference to Clause 8.5 (Inducements) of J.P. Morgan’s Terms of Business and pursuant to COBS 2.3A.10R, certain minor non-monetary benefits that J.P. Morgan may provide or receive, may be described in a generic way and these may include:

This list of examples is non-exhaustive and subject to change.


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