Global Cities Initiative brings U.S. delegation to Munich

Nov 25, 2014

The Global Cities Initiative brought a U.S. delegation to Munich in mid-November to study opportunities for innovation and globalization for American metropolitan areas.

A joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase, The Global Cities Initiative seeks to drive metropolitan areas to develop more globally "fluent" and connected economies, and has tackled topics ranging from how to empower local leadership to keeping foreign students in the U.S.

The U.S. delegation—representing a mix of academics, industries and business organizations—used the trip as an opportunity to study innovation strategies and to consider how they could be applied back at home.

The U.S. delegates from six American metros were also investigating how to cultivate a vibrant workforce with industry-relevant training. About 60 percent of Germans get occupational training through vocational schools by the time they're 20, and with new certifications emerging along with new occupations, workers end up with skills that match the needs of open positions. It's a system that may help in closing the U.S. workforce skills gap.


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