Firm presents exhibition of signature photographs from the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection at Paris Photo

Oct 30, 2014

Press Release

Paris — For its fourth year partnership with Paris Photo, J.P. Morgan is delighted to present selected photographs from its own corporate collection, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection.

CAMERA AS RELEASE: Photographer as Performer in the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, is curated by Director and Chief Curator, Lisa K. Erf.

This year’s exhibit, Camera as Release, highlights the complex and varied ways in which artists use themselves as performers in their photographs.

As far back as the late 19th century, when Fred Holland Day photographed himself in a remarkable series of staged scenes from the life of Christ, photographers have been present in their work. A relatively short period in modern life has seen the relationship between photography and performance art evolves from radical experimentation to a variety of conceptual investigations. Indeed, the power of this integration – photographing oneself– has now become a mainstream raison d’être, social media’s ultimate meme.

CAMERA AS RELEASE features signature works by 13 emerging and established artists, including Vito Acconci, Sanford Biggers, Flavia Da Rin, Ana Mendieta, Bruce Nauman, Lilly McElroy, Dennis Oppenheim, Miguel Angel Rios, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Bjørn Sterri, Sarah Trouche, and Tseng Kwong Chi.

“At J.P. Morgan, we believe that arts and culture significantly enrich the communities in which we work and live by encouraging people to consider different perspectives and to express their own ideas. It is in a similar spirit that we salute Paris Photo’s 18 years of showcasing innovation, creativity and photographic excellence across the globe,” said JPMorgan Chase Art Collection’s Director, Lisa K. Erf.


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