J.P. Morgan partners with Yonsei University to help South Korean youth build jobs

Mar 31, 2014

In partnership with Yonsei University in South Korea, J.P. Morgan recently launched a program to help young people in the country overcome social problems, including income inequality and structural unemployment.

The “Foundation of Life for Youth” was designed to create a support group for young people in South Korea, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Key partners of this collaboration gathered together at Youth Hub earlier this month to embark on the year-long commitment.

J.P. Morgan’s funding enabled Haja Centre and Youth Hub to collaborate on the design of the community-based and on-the-job training model, unique in South Korea. This partnership has built ties between Yonsei University and J.P. Morgan, while also engaging the Seoul Metropolitan City government, social enterprises, co-ops and community experts.

The pilot program will be run by Haja Center and Youth Hub, under the supervision of Yonsei University. Youth will be offered training on employability, entrepreneurship and technical skills. The program will offer young people opportunities to participate in a key skills academy, which will teach workplace etiquette, problem solving and offer vocational training activities in the food and beverage and alternative housing industries. Young people will also have opportunities to participate in innovative projects, such as building a zero-energy house and creating a community-based living space and urban revitalization model.


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