JPMorgan Chase Foundation launches the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt in collaboration with two local partners

Mar 20, 2014

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation, in collaboration with two local partners, has launched a unique start-up center in Frankfurt – the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt (SILF) – where unemployed young people from migrant backgrounds will receive support to become self-employed.

The JPMorgan Chase Foundation worked together with Social Impact gGmbH, a German non-profit known for its expertise in the fields of inclusive and social entrepreneurship, to create ChancenNutzer (meaning “Chance Takers”). ChancenNutzer is the first support program of its kind in Germany – helping young unemployed people with migrant backgrounds develop business ideas and become self-employed.

SILF was founded in collaboration with Social Impact gGmbH and with KfW Stiftung, the foundation of the German development bank KfW, which supports a parallel program within SILF targeting young people who want to start enterprises with a social mission.

Through training and professional development, ChancenNutzer has the potential to make an impact on German migrant unemployment.


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