J.P. Morgan takes top rankings in two 2017 Institutional Investor surveys

Oct 16, 2017

J.P. Morgan ranked #1 the Institutional Investor All-America Research Survey, receiving top rankings in 42 of the 60 categories. An impressive 16 analysts were ranked #1, ten were ranked #2, three were ranked #3 and thirteen were runners up. These results reflect the views of our clients—4,312 individuals at 1,357 firms, managing an estimated $11.90 trillion in U.S. equities, according to Institutional Investor. The ranked analysts are listed below.

J.P. Morgan’s Americas Equity Sales team was ranked the #1 Generalist Salesforce and the #3 Specialist Salesforce in the 2017 Institutional Investor Survey. These rankings come from our clients—2,587 individuals at 954 firms, managing an estimated $9.4 trillion in U.S. equities, according to Institutional Investor.

Teams Ranked #1
Steven Alexopoulos Banks/Midcap
Jamminder (Jimmy) Bhullar Insurance/Life
Matthew Boss Retailing/Department Stores & Specialty Softlines
Philip Cusick Cable, Satellite & Telecom Services
Lisa Gill Health Care Technology & Distribution
Kenneth Goldman Food Retailers
Joseph Greff Gaming & Lodging
Roderick Hall Telecom & Networking Equipment
Marko Kolanovic & team Equity-Linked Strategies
Dubravko Lakos-Bujas Portfolio Strategy
Dubravko Lakos-Bujas Quantitative Research
Tycho Peterson Life Science & Diagnostic Tools
Andrew Steinerman Business, Education & Professional Services
C. Stephen Tusa Jr. Electrical Equipment & Multi-Industry
Michael Weinstein Medical Supplies & Devices
Jeffrey Zekauskas Chemicals
Teams Ranked #2
Jamie Baker Airlines
Paul Coster Alternative Energy
Philip Cusick Communications Infrastructure
Ann Duignan Machinery
Kenneth Goldman Food Producers
Christopher Horvers Retailing/Broadlines & Hardlines
Tien-Tsin Huang Payments, Processors & IT Services
Christopher Schott Pharmaceuticals/Major
Kenneth Worthington Brokers, Asset Managers & Exchanges
Teams Ranked #3
Ryan Brinkman Autos & Auto Parts
John Ivankoe Restaurants
Michael Rehaut Homebuilders & Building Products
Alexia Quadrani Media
Harlan Sur Jr. Semiconductor Capital Equipment
Douglas Anmuth Internet
Christopher Schott Pharmaceuticals/Specialty
Gary Taylor Health Care Facilities & Managed Care
Cory Kasimov Biotechnology/Large-Cap
Sean Meakim Oil Services & Equipment
Richard Shane Jr. Consumer Finance
Jeremy Tonet & team Master Limited Partnerships
Jessica Fye Biotechnology/Mid- & Small-Cap
Cory Kasimov Biotechnology/Mid- & Small-Cap
Anupam Rama Biotechnology/Mid- & Small-Cap

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