Glowork launches career center in Riyadh through sponsorship of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Apr 28, 2016

Glowork has announced the launch of their career center “Tamheed” through the sponsorship of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and in partnership with “Silatech,” which is a dynamic social initiative working to expand economic opportunities for youth throughout the Arab world, and supporting the development and growth of enterprises to create and sustain jobs in the region, and as well as supporting access to employment through increased awareness and skills and direct job placement activities.

The idea and concept behind the center is to allow women to discover their full potential through one-on-one career counselling services.

Sjoerd Leenart, Senior Country Officer for J.P. Morgan in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa commented, "We are very excited about this project. It will not only provide career guidance and placement services to female jobseekers in Saudi Arabia, but also work closely with employers to create a workplace environment which encourages women to participate in economic life, develop their skills and grow professionally."

“Tamheed” offers a range of professional development services and programs to help explore interests, uncover paths to opportunities, and prepare for professional interactions. The project with the JPMorgan Chase Foundation will be an 18-month program that will target 750 women who will receive career guidance and workplace readiness training. 375 women will be placed in jobs and 50 employers will receive support in establishing a female-friendly workplace.

About Glowork
Glowork, founded in 2011, with the goal of empowering woman and creating social change within a niche area, matches women with jobs and creates opportunities in sectors previously inaccessible to females.


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