J.P. Morgan Supports Kopernik Japan’s Launch of “Japanese SMEs Going to Asia” Project

Mar 28, 2016

Tokyo -J.P. Morgan has established a partnership, through a grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, with Kopernik Japan (Kopernik) to help Japanese SMEs tap into the Asian market through the “SMEs going to Asia Project.” This project is designed for Japanese small companies to work in tandem with Kopernik to develop their business in Asia with an ultimate aim to contribute to job creation and economic growth in Japan and also Asian countries.

The project will be managed by Kopernik whose mission is to connect simple technologies with people in need in developing countries to support them improve their livelihood and achieve economic self-reliance.

Challenged by a declining domestic demand and limited capacity to carry out business overseas, Japan’s small companies would be able to sustain their business if they could successfully identify international markets in which to grow. Under this project, the first target market will be Indonesia where the economy is growing and Kopernik has an office and local staff with on the ground knowledge and business networks.

Backed by several institutional research results, Kopernik will pick 20 SMEs with products and services that could generate strong potential demand in Asian countries. These companies will work with Kopernik to receive advice on local business practice including distribution channels, production and pricing systems as well as regulatory procedures. In the second phase of the program, 5 to 10 companies with stronger potential will be selected and make a field trip to Indonesia for market research and networking with local business partners.

The effectiveness and social impact of this project will be evaluated by an independent third party.

“We are delighted to work with Kopernik to support Japan’s small businesses expansion into Asia. We hope the project would serve as a sustainable business model for SMEs to grow their business,” said Steve Rinoie, J.P. Morgan’s Senior Country Officer for Japan.

“Kopernik has been connecting various technologies with the people who need those products and services in developing countries. We expect this project to support people in developing countries to improve their quality of life as well as Japanese companies to develop international business,” said Hiromi Tengeji, Representative Director of Kopernik Japan.

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About Kopernik

Kopernik, a non profit organization in U.S., was established in February 2009 with a mission that they introduce innovative technologies including solar light, water filter, and cook stove, aiming at improving people’s livelihood and supporting them become economically self-reliant in developing countries. Kopernik balances a philanthropic and business approach to distributing technology. It uses donation money to cover the upfront costs of providing technologies. Kopernik has built a business model that as products are sold, local business partners repay the revenue to Kopernik, and the money is reinvested in more technologies to support more people in need. For six years since its establishment, Kopernik has distributed over 90 types of technology products to more than 320,000 people in 24 countries through over 150 projects. The projects include a wide range of activities in energy, water, sanitation, education, agriculture, health, and information technology area as well as providing advisory services to companies seeking business opportunities in developing countries. Kopernik Group has currently four legal entities in U.S., Indonesia, and Japan. General Incorporated Association Kopernik Japan started its service in 2014. For more details, please visit www.kopernik.ngo


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