Motif Investing partners with J.P. Morgan to provide retail investors exclusive access to IPOs

Oct 21, 2015

Press Release

New York — Motif Investing today announced an exclusive partnership with J.P. Morgan whereby initial public offerings (IPOs) led by J.P. Morgan will be available directly to retail customers on Motif’s next-generation online brokerage platform.

Beginning soon, retail investors opening a Motif account will have the opportunity to access IPOs led by J.P. Morgan, indicate interest in offerings, and place a conditional order. Motif will manage the order process and direct distribution of share allocations. New and existing customers will have the opportunity to participate in the offering, commission-free, with minimum amounts of $250.

“We are very excited to partner with J.P. Morgan, one of the largest IPO book runners in the industry,” said Hardeep Walia, CEO of Motif Investing. “Any individual investor, regardless of account size or length of relationship, now has the opportunity to participate in big-name IPO transactions.”

J.P. Morgan will educate companies preparing to go public about the benefits of using Motif’s next-generation platform to broaden their retail investor reach. This strategic partnership broadens access and enables retail investors to participate in market-leading IPOs.

“We are pleased with our partnership with Motif, which will broaden access to IPOs to more individual investors,” said Michael Millman, Co-Head of Americas Equity Capital Markets and Head of Technology Investment Banking at J.P. Morgan. “Motif’s innovative and easy to use platform is a cutting-edge, differentiated way for issuers to reach investors.”

The partnership benefits investors by allowing individuals the opportunity to own pieces of companies that they’re passionate about and participate in their continued growth.

A summary of the first IPO release will be announced in the near future. To learn more about the partnership and the Motif Investing IPO Center, please visit

About Motif Investing
Motif Investing is a next-generation online broker that is pioneering thematic investing for individuals and financial advisors. The company, based in Silicon Valley, allows investors to trade “motifs”—intelligently weighted basket of stocks built around themes, investing styles or multi- asset models— for low fees. Motif Investing is a registered broker dealer and a member of SIPC. Motif was recently ranked number one on Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies in Personal Finance and has been recognized for two consecutive years on the CNBC Disrupter 50 list. The company’s investors include Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Renren Inc. Board members include former Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt and former Boston Consulting Group Chairman Carl Stern.


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