37th Corporate Challenge season crosses the finish line

Nov 25, 2013

The 37th season of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge crossed the finish line in mid-November at Sydney, Australia’s Centennial Park. The Sydney race set a record in its 13th year with 8,125 runners and walkers from 350 companies registered for the 5.6 kilometer event.

Overall, this year’s Corporate Challenge races drew 262,188 participants cumulatively, representing 7,948 companies, and set an all time record for participation. This year’s event will result in $700,000 being donated worldwide to worthy causes. The runners and walkers benefit directly from the exercise and getting to meet so many other enthusiasts, but around the world, charities benefit directly as well. 
As a complement to the Corporate Challenge, the Race for Charity, now in its fourth year, enables J.P. Morgan employees to raise money and awareness for their favorite non-profit organizations. The Race for Charity events build on the Corporate Challenge’s themes of fitness, camaraderie and philanthropy by encouraging employees who are already running the race to form teams in support of charity. Altogether, thousands of employees globally have taken part in the event raising $125,000 for charity.

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