J.P. Morgan gains from recruiting former U.K. servicemen and servicewomen

Oct 09, 2013

J.P. Morgan continues to support former servicemen and servicewomen globally. In addition to the firm's work in the U.S. with the 100,000 Jobs Mission, in the United Kingdom, J.P. Morgan has hired more than 100 former servicemen and servicewomen from various branches of the British military.

In 2011, J.P. Morgan established a program offering three-month internships to former military personnel. Over the first two years of the program, 93% of the interns were offered and accepted permanent roles with the firm. The high conversion rate can be partially attributed to the quality of the interns the firm attracts and to the support offered by J.P. Morgan and the other veterans already at the firm.

"The transition isn't always easy," says Andrew Park, a former officer in the British Army, now a Program Manager within J.P. Morgan's Corporate & Investment Bank. "There are obviously some major differences between military life and a corporate environment, but there are some key similarities as well. Many of the critical elements for success are the same. You need to have strong leadership and management skills. You need to be analytical and be able to communicate clearly. And you have to have personal commitment and discipline."

In addition to experienced hires like Park, the firm is also actively involved in recruiting more junior members of staff from the ranks of former servicemen and servicewomen.


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