November 27 - 29, 2018

Brazil Opportunities Conference

São Paulo, Brazil

The famous motto of a few years ago established that “Brazil is the country of the future…and it will always be.” And now, the future has arrived. For the past several years the debate in Brazil has circled around policy direction, and while there were attempts for consolidation, there is still a full agenda, especially in terms of structural reforms that seek to reduce the size of the state. While policy remains key for success, there is a lot beyond it that Brazil can showcase in terms of potential for innovation and productivity, turning it into a more competitive and lucrative market. We will explore how disruption is bringing change to several industries and how they are adapting to it.

Beyond that, our flagship event will be the first major one to take place in Brazil following the general elections and we hope to bring you some of the main representatives of the elected government, in addition to economists, political scientists, journalists, consultants and think tanks that are analyzing Brazil, its insertion into a dynamic global economy and its socioeconomic challenges and opportunities. We welcomed over 1,000 delegates to our 2017 conference, including executives from more than 70 companies and investors representing over US$1 trillion of AUM.

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