December 3 - 5, 2019

Brazil Opportunities Conference 2019

São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil public leaders are trying to break with the past and embrace a regime change that lies upon the implementation of liberal economic policies, aiming especially at reducing the size of the state and fighting bureaucracy. While execution risk remains an issue, investors are looking forward to turning the page and finding better growth and new investment paths for Brazil. Our conference will, as customary, showcase key policymakers driving decisions forward, as well as economists, political scientists, journalists, consultants and think tanks, and C-level executives who are thinking about Brazil, its insertion in a dynamic global economy and its socioeconomic challenges and opportunities.

As a new addition to our conference format, we will be including a track only to showcase current and emerging technology companies in Brazil.

Our conference will explore how disruption is bringing change to several industries and how they are adapting to it. CEOs from all sectors will gather on engaging panels to discuss sector trends. While policy remains key for long-term success, there is a lot beyond it that Brazil can showcase in terms of potential for innovation and productivity, which can deepen financial market and real economy investments. Consumers’ rapid adoption of fintechs and e-commerce, and business focus on automation and alternative data sets, symbolize the shift of Brazil to a more diversified and vibrant market structure, setting the stage for sustainable, profitable growth.

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