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SWIFT for Corporates

SWIFT for Corporates addresses the pain points of coordinating your many bank accounts and multiple bank communication channels. This helps you realize increased global visibility into your cash position through the centralization of account information, enabling you to make better-informed investment decisions and improve your working capital.

SWIFT for Corporates allows you to replace multiple bank communication systems with a single means to communicate with your banks, delivering savings through improved automation, operational efficiencies as well as other factors. Further, SWIFT helps improve straight-through processing (STP) and assists in increasing staff productivity and capacity by enhancing the level of automation in your financial operations.

J.P. Morgan plays a lead role in the development and provision of services to the corporate market over the SWIFT Network, as reflected by the increasing number of J.P. Morgan corporate clients now using SWIFT to communicate with the bank around the globe.  J.P. Morgan is an active member of several  SWIFT initiatives promoting SWIFT for Corporates, including electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM), digital identity solutions (3SKey), the SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification Program, ISO 20022-related standards developments and other SWIFT-led efforts to improve industry efficiency and effectiveness.

SWIFT is a world leader in financial services communications. SWIFT's channels offer industrial strength security and resilience. SWIFT's community of users encompasses 9,800 plus of the world's largest banks, and a large and quickly growing number of corporate clients.

A brief history of J.P. Morgan and SWIFT for Corporates:

  • Today: one of the earliest banks to provide services to corporates over this channel and one of the largest using the service, by numbers of corporate clients. Recipient of TMI's Best Bank SWIFT for Corporates 2009, 2010, 2011.
  • 2011: One of the first banks to achieve SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification.
  • 2006: As a founding member of SWIFT's Corporate Access Group (CAG), fostered the creation of SWIFT SCORE.
  • 2001: J.P. Morgan was among the first firms to sponsor corporate clients into SWIFT MA-CUG.

For more information on how we can help improve the reliability and efficiency in which you communicate via SWIFT, contact your J.P. Morgan representative:

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