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SWIFT provides the communications infrastructure, products and services that connect more than 9,000 financial institutions, securities institutions and corporate clients in 209 countries. J. P. Morgan uses SWIFT extensively to communicate with its clients and other external parties such as clearing channels throughout the world. SWIFT is our communications channel of choice for many clients. SWIFT initiatives are designed to help these organizations emphasize reliability, cost efficiency, risk reduction and improved liquidity management.

Key facts about SWIFT:

  • Messaging standards enable straight-through processing and exception management
  • Rock-solid encryption and authentication standards help secure messaging
  • 99.999% availability

SWIFT's network service, standards development, and industry advocacy and issues development are fundamentally valuable to J.P. Morgan as well as to J.P. Morgan's correspondents and clients. We are committed to the quality of services available through the SWIFT network as well as the development of new, value-bearing industry efforts to enhance our and our clients' efficiencies and capabilities. We are a founding member of the SWIFT cooperative and one of SWIFT's largest users. J.P. Morgan partners with SWIFT to grow their core solutions and improve the value proposition of new SWIFT initiatives.

Today, J.P. Morgan is an active member of SWIFT initiatives promoting SWIFT for Corporates, electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM), digital identity solutions (3SKey), the SWIFT Bank Readiness Certification Program, ISO 20022-related standards developments and other SWIFT-led efforts to improve industry efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information on how we can help improve the reliability and efficiency in which you communicate via SWIFT, contact your J.P. Morgan representative:

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Kesh Parekh: +44-207-1345065;

North America
William Porto: +1-212-552-0248;

Latin America
Luciane Sant’Anna: +1-813-432-6547;

Asia Pacific
Wilson Chow: +81-3-67366606;


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