Automated Clearing House (ACH)

J.P. Morgan has ranked consistently as a top originator of ACH transactions by NACHA since the founding of the ACH network.

We offer comprehensive range of services to help you streamline payment processing, shorten settlement time, and improve collection rates.

Consumer Payments

  • Direct Deposit of Payroll (PPD) - Receive authorization from employees to make payroll payments automatically to their demand deposit accounts (DDA).
  • Consumer Disbursements (PPD) - Disburse funds electronically to individuals for rebates, refunds, pensions, etc.
  • Consumer Collection Services (PPD) - Receive authorization from consumers to collect payments from their DDA accounts.
  • Electronic Check Conversion Services - Convert consumer check and payment data into ACH debit transactions using a range of solutions.

Business-to-Business Payments

  • Corporate Disbursement Services (CCD, CCD+, CTX) - Make a same-day payment to your trading partner's DDA.
  • Corporate Collection Services (CCD, CCD+, CTX) - Receive authorization from your trading partners to collect funds directly from their DDAs.
  • ACH Receiver Services (eLockbox) - Consolidate incoming electronic bill payments into one daily credit posting to your DDA.
  • Tax Payment Services (CCD) - Initiate federal, state and local government taxes securely and easily through the ACH network via the Web or a touch-tone telephone.
  • Cash Concentration Services (CCD) - Move funds automatically from local bank accounts into your J.P. Morgan cash concentration account.



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