Electronic trading solutions available on J.P. Morgan Markets

J.P. Morgan’s FX and Commodities trading platform on desktop, Web and mobile.

eXecute offers two-way streaming prices for FX spot, forwards, swaps, orders, options, and NDFs in more than 190 currency pairs, 24 hours a day, six days a week.

You can also access two-way streaming prices in precious and base metals and energy. From one-touch trading on mobile to flexible notifications across devices, we are committed to providing tools designed to sharpen your trading decisions while saving you time.

Voted Best FX Platform, Best Real Money Platform and Best Mobile Platform by Profit & Loss in the 2016 Digital FX Awards

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FX trading on eXecute
As one of the leading liquidity providers, clients benefit from a robust, continuously enhanced set of tools and pricing across 300+ currency pairs in cash and derivative products worldwide.


Direct market access
Our cross-asset expertise and market insight enable us to deliver a range of commodity electronic trading solutions that meet the needs of commodities clients.

Facial login on eXecute

A password alternative
You can now login to the J.P. Morgan Markets eXecute iPhone® app using facial recognition – providing you with a convenient and secure alternative to your username and password.*

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FX on eXecute overview video

Watch how eXecute can refresh your trading experience

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eXecute on mobile

See live market analysis and data and trade on your mobile

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Posts from our traders and research analysts

Keep updated with real-time commentary from our traders.

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Execute with one touch

Trade FX spot, forwards, FX Algos and NDF’s with one touch.
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Customizable alerts

Monitor your trades away from your desk with customizable alerts.

Voted Best Mobile Platform by Profit & Loss in the 2016 Digital FX Awards



eXecute for Mobile overview video

Watch how eXecute can take you to the next level on mobile

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Facial Login

eXecute is constantly improving your trading experience

Tired of remembering too many passwords? Powered by biometric technology, facial login allows you to use your desktop and mobile without the need to remember your username or password. You don’t have to be concerned about your privacy or security either – no images are stored.

Getting started is quick and easy. Here’s how facial login works:

1. Open your eXecute app. Get photo ready!
2. Hold your phone as though taking a selfie and follow the prompts.
3. Your image is converted to a unique mathematical, encrypted template for authentication.
4. Manage your trades!


Simply download the eXecute app or contact our team below to gain access today

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