We offer several lockbox solutions to help speed remittance processing for optimal availability to your funds.

How you benefit:

  • Replace paper-based receivables with faster, more effective image capture technology
  • Save time and gain faster access to funds
  • Reduce costs and exposure to internal check fraud
  • Receive uninterrupted processing workflow and disaster recovery

Wholesale Lockbox - collect, process, deposit business-to-business high-value checks

Retail Lockbox - high-speed, automated processing for consumer payments mailed to a local address

Receivables EdgeSM - Internet-based receivables solution that accelerates exception resolution, improves workflow and offers insightful analytics. Comprehensive view of paper and electronic receivables received in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia

Virtual Remit - scan and transmit checks, full-page remittance documents, coupons and envelopes from your desktop and electronically send the images to the bank for deposit


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