J.P. Morgan FX Payments Solutions

As a leader in both global cash management and FX markets, J.P. Morgan delivers a reliable payment experience that allows you to send and receive cross-currency payments as easily as same currency payments. Make payments from a single account into more than 130 currencies with flexible solutions that support your payment channel and account structure.

With J.P. Morgan, you can effectively manage your payments process, cost and exposure and be confident that your payments will be delivered accurately and securely around the world.

J.P. Morgan helps you evaluate your payment activities so you can choose the payment structure that best matches your payment operations and FX strategy.

  • Simplify your FX payments with a process that integrates payment execution and currency conversions into a single step
  • Maintain control over your currency trading to support your FX hedging strategy, along with your payment activity
  • Make FX payments from your domestic currency account and significantly reduce the number of foreign currency accounts you hold

J.P. Morgan makes it easy to receive FX payments into your main currency account.

  • Automate FX receipts using pre-determined payment value thresholds

Global Support
J.P. Morgan supports you through every step of your FX payment process, providing tools and resources to offer you a clear line of sight into your global payments.

  • Reporting tools that provide you with important information about FX Payment activity across your organization
  • Globally coordinated service for an effective and efficient FX Payments operation
  • Expert support so you can make payments confidently into almost any market in the world

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